In this episode with Linda Katz of Singing Bird Coaching we explore what it means to be true to ourselves, the different versions of authenticity, and ultimately, how we can honor and come home to ourselves in our individual journeys.

Linda is a wild feminine life coach, author, and Qoya movement teacher who has been on a quest for the last decade to reclaim her wild. She spent five years on the hero’s journey, escaping all the external cages she thought were keeping her constrained. But after changing nearly everything in her life (like her career, relationship, city, and hobbies) and realizing that she still didn’t feel the wildness she most longed for, she set out on the heroine’s descent to dismantle the cage that existed within and come home to her wise and wild self.

Now, through intuitive coaching, embodiment, dreamwork, and her book Homecoming, she helps other women dismantle the inner cage, offers them a soft place to land, and accompanies them on the soulful journey to come back home to themselves fully.

Linda is the author of Homecoming.

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