Trigger Warning: This episode includes discussions about infant loss, which may be deeply distressing or triggering for some listeners. Please prioritize your mental and emotional well-being, and consider whether this is the right content for you at this time.

We’re delighted to welcome Courtney Fitzpatrick as our guest today on the show. Our conversation explores a range of heartfelt topics, including navigating grief, embracing multiple passions, and the concepts of scarcity versus abundance. We also delve into the relatable question: ‘How do I cope when I’m not feeling Merry and Bright during the holiday season?’

Courtney, the passionate founder of Unwavering Love Co., brings unique insights to these topics.

Additionally, we revisit an insightful episode with Maria Butler, owner of Clearly Organized (#3), focusing on organization – a must-listen for valuable tips.

Don’t miss our discussion on ‘Big┬áMagic‘ by Elizabeth Gilbert, a book we enthusiastically recommend for its inspiring take on creativity.

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