Ali and Kassie are a dynamic duo with a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship and creative leadership. Ali, a seasoned small business owner, is devoted to empowering entrepreneurs through strategic brand development and cohesive online presence. Her tailored approach stems from personal connections with clients, ensuring their success.

Complementing Ali’s expertise, Kassie boasts over a decade of professional management, in addition to brand photography and business development experience. Her prowess in crafting business growth strategies is coupled with a talent for capturing evocative visuals that narrate compelling stories.

Both passionate mentors and creative strategists, Ali and Kassie collaborate seamlessly to craft memorable and impactful experiences for their clients.

Ali and Kassie have created the ESC conference – and they have graciously offered a 10% off coupon code for this year’s 2024 conference: ESC10

ESC Conference Details: Louisville, KY (The Bungalou), April 15-18 | Keynote: CHEVAL