On this episode of the Creative Collective Podcast we chat with Michelle Moseley, Licensed Mental Health Counselor in North Carolina. Michelle believes ALL people deserve respect, compassion, and access to mental and physical healthcare. Michelle specializes in working with survivors of religious trauma and spiritual abuse, and those who are exiting a high-control religion.  She also works with folks around body image concerns, anxiety, grief, and life transitions.  In addition to her clinical work, Michelle provides education about mental health for faith leaders and enjoys exploring all that North Carolina has to offer in her free time. 


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IG:  @therapy_with_michelle

FB:  MichelleFMoseleyCounseling

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Additional Show Notes: 

  • Resources
    • Trauma in the Pews: Janyne McConnaughey
    • When Religion Hurts You: Laura E Anderson
    • The Reclamation Collective
    • Documentaries
    • Books:
    • Bodies Behind the Bus Podcast
    • Wounded by Faith Group
  • Methods for therapies:
    • Building rapport, offering guidance alongside individual’s autonomy, help people tune back into their intuition, and importance of consent through treatment from intake through treatment
    • Narrative method – allow individual to own their story
    • Skill building – learn how to have healthy conversations, feel emotions, process emotions
    • Reconnecting with the body – eliminating shameSomatic work – how do I feel when I ____, etc.
    • Brain Spotting – brain-body connection intervention, helpful for complex trauma – focus intentionally on emotions and thoughts on experiences and ride wave with supportive person in therapist role


Religious Trauma v Spiritual Abuse: with trauma, it’s about how it shows up in the body; adverse religious experiences also exist – individuals get to choose what definition fits for them and what they’ve experienced


The effect on Creatives: leaning into creativity can be healing (journaling, writing a book, etc.)


“Deconstructing”: the idea of having beliefs and taking time to take them apart to look at them piece by piece; “Reconstruction”/”Reclamation” can be a result of deconstructing